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Travelmate, Friends, Adventure, Soulmate
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I'm passionate about living life, not just to dream but to live the dream, by turning a dream into reality and by using the magnifying power of imagination to understands my true connection with life itself since i have come to understand that life is not measured by the breath we take but rather by those wonderful moments that take our breath away.I am also lay-back and fun, I take life one day at a time with a balance lifestyle and love doing those simple things that adds value to life in general. I don't
understand jealousy, greed, self centered personalities, boring unhappy people and choose not to be it's presence. Everyday of my life I try to do something special. That might include helping someone. Making the most of my surrounding's, laughing and bringing sunshine and laughter to others life's. A great meal, a creative thought or creation,peaceful moments.........

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