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I am the type of girl who wears red lipstick at 11am.I am Midwestern girl at heart always. I was born in Denver but raised In Michigan. I went to a small liberal arts college where I majored in Political science. I planned on working in politics-I even interned on a presidential campaign. But when a senator's chief of staff told me «you look like a nice young girl you look like your willing to work for beer an tacos» I thought hell no so I moved to Chicago for a sales job, got fired 2 weeks into due to my dyslexia- I some how ended up being a shoe saleswoman. I am now an aspiring comedian and work at a fancy Department store known for their customer service, To me life is one be adventure. I love the outdoors I consider my self a generalist because I do a little of everything but I am not that great at any of them, I can ski, sail, hike, rock climb and backpack

Personality type: ENFJ
Interests/hobbies: Politics, Craft beer, Improv, Fashion, Outdoors, Current events, Yoga, Long aimless walks, Skiing

Favorite Movie: Casablanca

Words I would use to describe myself would be gregarious, stylish, tenacious, determined, intelligent, compassionate, empathic, Divergent thinker, quirky, sensual, Generous, extravert,

Word other people use, smart, pretty, hilarious intense,stylish, cute, off the hook, black hair, talkative patient. Most common compliment from men at the bar cute and Intelligent Most common compliment in Roma (corina) cute is the translation.

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