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I am the type of girl who wears red lipstick at 11 am- I enjoy sitting at a camp fire as much as eating at a 5 star restaurant. Life is best faced with a smile and good attitude, I love to have a good time :)

If I could have one word describe me when I die would like it to be generous. I am very comfortable with imperfection it is what makes us human, I tend to wear mine on the surface. I could not care less what other people think. You have to live life on your terms and be the friend to yourself you would want to have.

Personality Type: ENFJ

Interests and Hobbies: Politics, Craft beer, Improv, Fashion, Outdoors, Current events, Yoga, Long aimless walks, Skiing, Travel, Art,Footwear

Education: B/A in Political Science from a small liberal arts college just shy of nowhere

Family Background: Born in Denver CO, grew up in Michigan. My parents have been together for 29 years. I have an older sister who is 28 and 19 year old younger brother. My extended family is tight knit despite being spread out though the whole country.

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