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I'm looking for safe, friendly, awesome and knowledgeable travel partners or to meet with locals who know a place well that I want to travel to and can show around the non tourist like places.
Ideal folks would be geeky, relatively/artistic in some form, true adventurers, who are open-minded and open-hearted, and definitely not creepers:)

I myself am a single mother of a 5yr old amazing daughter, artist/creative type in various mediums, lover of dance, looove to dance, music (industrial, trance, electroswing,drum and bass, bluegrass, punk and world music is along those lines) my favorite bands range from The XX's, Tori Amos, Beats Antique, BT, Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, The Devil Makes 3, Rising Appalachia, Covenant, Lana Del Ray, Professor Elemental,, Of Monsters and Men to name a few.
Geeky. love sci-fi, comicbooks. naturist, Burner, love hula hooping, poi, and fire. Music is one of my biggest bliss's, and love to constantly be surrounded by it in many fashions. I am working towards obtaining a mandolin and learning to play...eventually a banjo, and then maybe a dulcimer. I love drumming, but more so the kind you play at drum circles;).
I also geek out on and am pursuing studies in herbs, medicinal plants, botany, and anything involving earth studies or living. Part of what I'm looking to go into school-wise for next year is Global and Environmental related studies. With coursework and hopeful license in nutritional health.
So part of my reasoning for travel is to add such opportunities in various places to learn such that would lend to both these forms of studies and skills. I'm also looking into Wwoofing along the way here and there, or mini apprenticeships in my travels if obtainable.
Huge fan of food, love really healthy, really clean and really good cuisine. I'm a occasional Pescetarian of recently, and a lacto/octo vegetarian for the past 4yrs. Fond of all types of national food, just meat free (minus non toxic fish) and soy free thanx:)
I love travel and am excited to have the opportunity to go and try and travel to a few key places I've wanted to for a long time. And my goal is to before starting College in Spring 2014 to get some traveling in. Tho definitely will be doing some later after School starts and on breaks.
My goal is to hit a few US places, and eventually Europe, tho no set exacts yet, but I do have a list. And working at shaping it into a doable adventure, and as affordable and much of a beneficial, learning and enriching, and enjoyable experience as I can.
And very much look forward to who I will meet, what they can teach me, and me teach them, and yeah. It's a joy for me, I love people, I love sharing or making stories together, and having experiences. Very open-minded, and easy going lady. I'm a bit Zen Buddhist in my belief and way to approach life. And definitely love that in others, but also love diversity. As long as you are a good person and want to do good, open-minded, we'll get along:)
I think for now this will do. Ask if you want to know more:)

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