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Cuba is a small and wonderful country, which is an island in the Western region of the world. The people of Cuba are warm and welcoming, and the sights in the country will leave you inspired. The culture in Cuba is derived from the Spanish culture and the language they speak is Spanish as well. There is also the aspect of the Havana where you can get up on the road and observe the entire city. They have quiet beaches and they also offer you great boat rides. Trinidad is a peaceful little place where you can go to just relax. In addition to all that, you can also purchase the cheapest yet tastiest lobster in Cuba. Cuba is actually an island so it is surrounded by the Caribbean sea however the countries in close proximity to it are the United States of America and the Bahamas.

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The Cuban Way of Life

Cuba is a country that is rife with culture. If you have seen photographs of buildings from Cuba, you will understand just how colourful and beautiful the architecture of the country really is. Although it is traditionally inspired by Spanish culture, the Cuban buildings have their own touch of colours to add to the traditional beauty. Cuba has three major symbols that have become their own national identity. These three symbols have been derived from their three struggles for independence.

What’s Best in Cuba and Why?

They have exotic and popular rum
You can run in the beautiful green gardens of Cuba
You can have a good time in Havana
The beautiful sights it has to offer
The music and arts
Cuban cigars
Reflective of the Spanish culture
The food and drinks
They have vintage cars
The sandy, sunny beaches
They have plenty of cuisines
The Cuban festivals and events
Colourful buildings and distinct architecture
Green cities and eco-friendly plans
Boat trips and fishing
Hemingway’s House

Where Should I Go and What Should I Do in Cuba?

If you are in Cuba, there is plenty of stuff that you can do. There are many places where you can go all by yourself, with your friends, or with your significant other. There are cafés, clubs, bars, museums, restaurants, parks and gardens where you can take out Cuban girls and have a good time together. In Cuba, you will see a lot of people enjoying their culture, enjoying the food, and enjoying the melodious music out on the lively streets. It is a city bustling with warmth and joy, which is why you must check out these spectacular places that you can go to regardless of the occasion.


There are many cafés in the country, which you can enjoy. Cafés are usually a quiet place to go to in order to enjoy some quiet time alone or to have a soothing cup of coffee. Cafés are popular in a country like Cuba, and you can find many amazing ones in almost any area of any city.

The Café Arcangel is described as the diamond in the rough, as it is known to serve the best coffee and the best food. They have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for people who go there. They serve European food and have a very friendly staff. There is the Café Cuba – Palmerston North Cafe, The Café La Mina and the Habana Café. Café de Cuba is also a great place to take your girl to.


There are plenty of restaurants to choose from when you go to a place like Cuba. This is because there are amazing options to choose from. You can either go to the Dona Eutima for lunch with your date or you can opt for the Restaurante San Jose. 304 Reilly is well known for the food it serves and the well-mannered staff it has. The restaurant Maite La Quana is a charming little place to go to if you want to have delicious food. You can have tasty delicacies at El Balcon restaurante and at San Cristobal Paladar.

Parks and Gardens

Cuba is a country that has amazing and beautiful parks and gardens for your leisure. You can go for a stroll in the park and enjoy some time alone or you can take your date to the park or to a beautiful and lovely garden and impress her with your love for nature. Cuba is a country that has many natural hotspots. Since it is located in South America and is a coastal country, it has greenery and beautiful beaches. One of the best places to go to in Cuba is the Havana’s Botanical Gardens. People who go there call it the perfect escape from life. Jardines De La Reina is another heavenly garden which in English is loosely translated to “Gardens of the Queens”. Parque Cespedes is a place which can be considered an archetype for the street life of Cuba. Other famous spots are Parque Alameda, Parque Historico Abel Santamaria and Jardin de Los Helechos.

What Are the Women Like and How Can I Meet Them?

If you want to meet women in Cuba, you must first of all be familiar with their language. You cannot impress a girl without speaking her language; in theory it may seem possible, but women in Cuba are very much taken by the way men use language. This is why, in order to impress Cuban women, it is essential to know Spanish. Most Cuban women also like men with accents and they have an attraction towards foreigners. This can be your big break.

If you are in Cuba and you do not know Spanish, you will seriously struggle. Only one in 50 women in Cuba speak the English language. Imagine how hard it would be to have a good date and get to know each other without communicating at all! In Cuba, you have to work really, really hard to get a woman you like. This is because some of them are very easy to get but they are not worth staying in a relationship with, but the others who are worth the time require a lot of effort to impress.

This is not because they are distant but because of the environment they have grown up in. Many Cuban women expect something in return from you so you cannot take her for granted. They work on the “give and receive” principle and see what they are getting out of the relationship before they commit to someone. There are many women in Cuba who love to learn which is why it is easy to meet women who are students, musicians or dancers. They are more accessible and will be willing to spend some time getting to know you. Other women might be a little harder to approach but it can be done with a lot of effort. If you wish to meet a girl who is the life of the party, you can meet them while you are out on a walk by yourself. You will see a lot of Cuban women passing drinks around, playing the guitar, or dancing with their friends out on the streets. You can easily join in and show off your musical or dancing skills. By doing this you can meet someone you like, start a jolly and interesting conversation with them and take it on from there. The women in Cuba have their own kind of appeal. They are beautiful and have tanned skin; however, some women have a deeper shade of skin. They have toned bodies and olive complexions, which makes them very attractive.

You can meet great Cuban women just outside of Havana. This is a wondrous place that allows you to catch a glimpse of the entire city from a single rooftop. You can meet a very nice woman around that area who might be willing to go out with you. You must appear well-mannered and not rush into anything because that might offend her. Many women in Cuba demand something in return for their time with men, which is why the few women who do not do that might intercept your sudden interest in them as something else; be very cautious while approaching her. It is best to comment on some nice aspect of her personality and open a conversation with that, just so that she knows you like her for her personality, as opposed for only for her looks.