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From its North African and Arabic influences to the Sicilian-inspired cuisine, Malta is a microcosm of the Mediterranean. Few European countries have such concentrated history, architecture and, yes, beaches in so tiny an area.

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Malta consists not only of the island of Malta, but also Gozo, Comino, and other uninhabited islands, all located in the Mediterranean Sea. The main islands, with their rolling landscape, beaches, and sheltered coves of turquoise water, draw tourists mainly during the warm summer months. Malta is also home to ancient ruins and interesting architecture, which can be seen in the churches and palaces.



The island of Malta is home to the capital city of Valletta. It is surrounded by huge fortifications, giving it a very dramatic and historic appearance, despite the modern buildings of the city center. Two of the main attractions for visitors are the 16th C St John's Co-Cathedral and the Grand Master's Palace, both of which were built by Gerolamo Cassar. The National Museum of Archeology, housed in a building also built by Gerolamo Cassar, presents an impressive collection of finds from the Maltese Islands. Much of the appeal though, simply comes from wandering the old streets and admiring the skyline of church domes.



The smaller island of Gozo has its own distinct feel, which is somewhat different from Malta. It offers a slower pace, less modern influences, and a greener landscape. One of the main attractions on Gozo is the Ggantija, or Place of Giants, a Neolithic complex dating back to 3600 B.C. The two well preserved temples are among the oldest of their kind in the world. Calypso Cave is another interesting sight, said to be the cave from Homer's Odyssey. The island also has nice areas for bathing and good offshore dive sights.



Comino is a small island, with only a handful or permanent residents. Most people who make the effort to come here visit the island on a day trip. There is no development on the island, which is a wildlife sanctuary. There is an old chapel on the island and St Mary's Tower, which stands at a high point of land looking out over the channel. Its history dates back to the 15th Century. Today visitors can walk to the tower, the only real sight on the island, while they are exploring Comino.


Go on excursion to Palermo, this nice Italian place has a lot of beautiful beaches and a lovely city. The architecture is enormous and the girls are pretty fine!


The Undisclosed Beautiful Maltese Women

The two major islands that consist of Malta are located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This country may be geographically small but it's quite monumental when it comes to its history and culture. Also, it is a beautiful and very charming country with warmhearted people which is one of many reasons why Malta is a touristic hot spot.

Maltese women are genuinely beautiful individuals. Interestingly, there are numerous tourist accounts and expat stories, about the beauty of the landscape. However, not that many tourists had something to say about the Maltese beauties, except that they are very alluring and exotic. The main reason for this is that Maltese women are true ladies and don't usually romantically engage themselves with tourists. 

• Beautiful Maltese women have a unique and exotic beauty combined with Mediterranean features.  They support a natural look by not putting on lot of makeup however they do take great care into always looking well dressed.
• About 98% of the Maltese are Catholic and almost all of them practice their faith. This is very important to understand about the Maltese women - they are (for the most part) very religious and, when compared to some other western cultures, quite conservative (in a good way).
• Malta is mainly matriarchal and they form tight family bonds. Family is the most important part of the Maltese way of life.
• Maltese women are very active in daily life. These tanned beauties are hardworking but they also enjoy life to its fullest.