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Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany, is quite literally the kind of city that is bursting at the seams with life and excitement. The Rhine River flows through the city, splitting Cologne in two. Cologne is known for its bustling culture; the city boasts a stunning series of over thirty museums and a staggering number of galleries. Cologne is famous for its amazing nightlife, festive season and its affable locals. The city is undeniably beautiful – it is dotted with numerous spectacular examples of Gothic architecture, glinting stained glass, the imposing Deutz Bridge, and the several museums and churches which add to the appeal of the city. Germany shares a border with nine countries including the Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. All these countries have amazing attractions and different cultures. You can plan a visit to the outskirts of Germany and meet people of different cultures.

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The Violent History of Cologne

World War II relentlessly damaged the beauty of the city; beautiful buildings were bombed heavily and the glorious architecture was severely marred.  Almost the entire population of the city was wiped out and a meager 5% remained behind, as survivors of the war. The buildings were dilapidated, the people were few but the spirit of the city was still high. With the coming years, Cologne picked up the pieces and rebuilt itself.

The Relentless Spirit of Cologne

The spirited people of the city strove to re-build and reinstate vigor and life back in the city. A large amount of rebuilding and restoring has now given a new flair to Cologne; there is a unique variety of architecture, a stunning mix of the old, the reinstated and the new. The cityscape has now taken a unique and exclusive shape, which adds to the allure and charm of the magical city.

People of Cologne: Art, Culture, and Life

The people of Cologne are famous for their dynamic spirit and undying urge to ‘live it up’. It runs in their blood– their city and its larger-than-life capacity for culture, emotion, and an unshakable positive resolve, keeps all the people of Cologne spirited and aflame with the desire to live every moment to its fullest. It is this very positivity and urgency for life which instigated the fire among the people of Cologne to build it up when the World War II left behind nothing but ashes.

The cultural buzz in Cologne is unmistakable. It hits you with a solid punch packed with fervor the moment you enter the city. There is something in the air which sings with the promise of an inexplicable feeling of ancient excitement, deep-rooted celebration of culture, siphoning off the roots of Roman empires and the middle ages.

When seen at night from the Deutz Bridge, Cologne is breathtakingly beautiful. Set against the inky black of the night sky, the cityscape soars and glitters against the dark. The Deautz Bridge, bright and gold, stands gleaming in its glory, spiraling up and down in swirls, creating the illusion of a magical world. The lights emanating from the bridge create a dramatic effect and pools of shimmering gold cast a spell on the rippling surface of the Rhine River below. The entire river seems to be alight and ablaze with the lights melting down from the buildings and the bridge – Cologne at nightfall is a sight worth seeing.

Climate in Cologne

Cologne is a fairly warm city. All year round, the city dwellers experience mild winters while the summer season is warm. Cologne enjoys rain all year round.

Tourists Attractions in Cologne

Cologne Cathedral

The imposing towers of the Cologne Cathedral, epic specimens of Gothic architecture, are a testament to the unflinching culture of the city. Rising up to an impressive height of over five hundred feet, the two towers, Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, date back to the Middle Ages. Decked out in front of the Cathedral, are the spiraling Deutz Bridge and the glorious Rhine River.
When the sun glints off the beautiful stained glass of the church, it is a remarkable sight. The Cologne Cathedral attracts millions of tourists every year from all corners of the world, lured by the glorious Gothic architecture, its statues on choir pillars and the unrelenting appeal of the stunning stained glass, which is a signature of true Gothic style.

Roman Germanic Museum

Rare valuables were unearthed as a result of the excavation of the city; these articles are now proudly displayed in the Roman Germanic Museum. Interesting and note-worthy items of exhibit include Dionysus Mosaics, Roman gold jewelry, Roman glass and Germanic gold jewellery.

Other Cathedrals and Museums

Other notable cathedrals in Cologne include the Dom, Great St Martin’s Church, St Andrews Church and St. Gereon’s Church, which is the city’s most treasured one. It is a Romanesque Church with an imposing dome, lined with the most beautiful stained glass mosaics and windows.

Other noteworthy museums in the city include Museum of Applied Art, Museum of East Asian Art, Diocesan Museum, Municipal Museum and Schnutgen Museum. Another exciting venture is the Chocolate Museum of Cologne, which is famous for its fascinating information regarding cocoa, chocolate and all-things sweet.

Mayhem of Cologne Carnival

Cologne, around the first week of November, begins preparing for the largest and the most exciting time of the year: Kolle alaaf or Fastelovend. This marks the arrival of the biggest annual carnival in the city; the cheers ensuring the arrival of the carnival alone run like fire through the city. The carnival season official commences on 11 November at 11:11 am. As opposed to the rest of Germany, Cologne enjoys the carnival to its fullest. The carnival infuses in the city a touch of wild excitement, which becomes almost impossible to contain.

Women of Cologne

Like most German women, the women of Cologne are blessed with the inherent beauty of spectacular bone structures, sculpted faces with deep-set, large eyes. The coloring of the women is invariably light and their hair color ranges from beautiful pale ash blonde to deep chestnut brown.

The women of Cologne, much like their city, are affable and easy to talk to. They are approachable, friendly and enjoy male attention, as long as it falls within the bounds of respect, chivalry and unobtrusive gentlemanly behavior.

Cologne women look for strong, independent men who have the confidence to make the first move, albeit it is not a mindless query regarding directions or time. Do not make the grave error of boring the local women by approaching them with recurring, mundane questions.

The women of Cologne are sophisticated and strong-willed; they enjoy good and meaningful conversation. The most appealing feature that the beautiful women of Cologne look for is an impeccable sense of humor. The gorgeous beauties of Cologne love a good laugh. The sense of deep-rooted culture in the women of Cologne urges them to seek quiet resolve, yet a free-spirited soul in their men.

Nightlife in Cologne

The bars in Alter Markt square and the pubs of the old square are constantly flowing with Kolsch, Cologne’s signature beer. The restaurants offer a plethora of local cuisines and stunning delights of the city. During carnival time, these places make for excellent meeting points in Cologne. All the people and locals of the city are in high-spirits, eager to strike up pleasant conversations. It is the best time of the year to make unforgettable acquaintances and extraordinary memories.

The thriving clubs and taverns of the city are crawling with locals, students and tourists alike. The weekends are the most favorable times to stumble into the gorgeous girls of Cologne or to meet beautiful strangers, welcoming locals and other like-minded individuals who might have remained otherwise estranged, if it had not been for Cologne’s effortless sociability.

Cologne – A Cultural Escape

Overall, Cologne is perfect for a beautiful, cultural escape – once you enter Cologne, you will feel like you have stepped back in time, while you are still living in a parallel world of all-things modern. The feeling is delightfully absurd and strangely paradoxical because the city seems to coexist in a constant state of frenzied, beautiful state of cultural chaos.

There is so much that is preserved from the past; so much that was once destroyed but now has been rebuilt from scratch. The flavors of the past and the present blend into an intoxicating mix in Cologne and you seem to be fixated on the dizzying array of beautiful churches, museums, Gothic buildings and the breathtaking cityscape, glittering against the gorgeous night sky of Cologne.

It is true what they say: you have to visit Cologne and become a part of the city to really, truly understand why it is known as the bustling city, which is forever bursting with life, unlimited zest and exuberance. All year round, Cologne bustles and buzzes to a rhythm of its own.