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Vancouver is as historic as its name; it overflows with rich culture and pleasant people, particularly the attractive women that it is known to hold. Along with multitudes of tourist attractions that would satisfy the nature lover as well as the shopping addict, Vancouver boasts a booming nightlife. Restaurants, pubs and other meeting points are aplenty; there will never be confusion over where to go, only where to go first! Vancouver, with its racehorses and its cocktails, is highly diverse and endlessly exciting for every tourist out there.

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The City of Vancouver, named after George Vancouver the British Royal Navy officer, is a coastal city with a staggering population over 600,000 inhabitants. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse and culturally assorted cities in all of Canada. The large number of people living in Vancouver makes the city a densely populated region next to the likes of New York City, Mexico and San Francisco


Vancouver is a land of majestic wonders and a unique blend of fascinating people. Beauty resides in every corner; there is never a dull moment in the City of Vancouver; it is one of the best places to live, by far. Vancouver is equipped with wonders of nature including snow-capped peaks, flowing rivers, dense green forests, and some of the most beautiful people, walking and running down the streets, dotted with some of the most delightful little patio bars, exclusive restaurants and bright and fun nightclubs and discotheques.


Vancouver Tourist Attractions


Capilano Suspension Bridge: the swaying, dreamy bridge of Vancouver is famous for attracting tourists in throngs. The view visible from the bridge is breathtaking; lush green fern forests of Vancouver bordering the beautiful Capilano River makes up for a perfect dream spot.


Stanley Park: Vancouver Aquarium: an assortment of exotic sea creatures including the precious Beluga Whale, Pacific Octopus, dolphins and penguins are exhibited in sea life shows. Some of the most famous shows include the Beluga show, Penguin show, Shark Dives show with the fantastic, gripping affects of the 4d cinematic features.


Grouse Mountain: a perfect destination for a romantic getaway, leading to amazing memories, while gazing upon the Grouse Mountain and the Vancouver fir and fern forests.


Other attractions include the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Look Out, and Flyover Canada with its amazing flight simulation, Harbor Cruise with additional features of dining and sightseeing and Stanley Park Horse Rides.


Furthermore, Vancouver has a great variety of other amazing spots which include an assortment of museums, for example, the Burnaby Village Museum. It is famous for the retro, 1920’s inspired architecture and the village folks dressed in the traditional costumes of the roaring 20’s.



Patio Bars of Vancouver and the Cocktail Culture


Vancouver is especially famous for its laid-back, lazy cocktail afternoons and evenings. Decked up in a pair of gorgeous sunglasses, the Vancouverites’ favorite past time is heading towards the airy patio bars which serve exclusive local drinks and light summer snacks. Some of the famous, top patio bars of Vancouver include the following:


The Reef: offering a Vancouver-favorite fun Caribbean menu and a collection of drinks and cocktails, is situated on the Main Street. There is also an extensive rum menu offered by The Reef, sorting the drinks into groups of different martinis, cocktails and other mixed drinks including Jamaican punches and fun fruit juices.


Keefer: a top-quality, exclusive place to mingle and meet attractive girls of Vancouver, is widely famous in the city for its shakes, teas, and syrups. Yaletown is another popular patio bar, always occupied by the most happening crowd in Vancouver. In the evening, Yaletown is lit up with shimmering lights making it an ideal stop for a lazy drink with your significant other.


Other famous patio bars of the Vancouver City comprise of Edge Social Grill and Cardero’s.



Nightlife in Vancouver


The nightlife in Vancouver, quite like the city, is a dizzying blend of electric hip-hop dance clubs, laid-back relaxing pubs, and thriving live music discotheques and clubs. Staying up all night in Vancouver is an exciting venture as the city offers a multitude of entertainments including late-night dance clubs, live music performances by local musicians and professional high-end music concerts. Vancouver is the city of music; on every turn and twist, you are likely to find local musicians and even international tourist troupes setting up musical acts in clubs and venues playing a variety of music including genres of trance, blue, pop and rock. In addition to this, Irish cafés are also an integral part of the booming music arena of Vancouver. Other nightclubs of Vancouver include Caprice, fortune Sound Club, Ginger 62, Shark, The Roxy and Five sixty.


Granville Street is the live music central of Vancouver with a series of busy night clubs, playing an assortment of music ranging from Jazz to local music; gathering a young crowd here also makes for an excellent meeting point. Other music venues in Vancouver include Commodore Ballroom, featuring big names of the music industry including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and The Police.


Aside from music, there are other activities fuelling the nightlife of Vancouver City. These include gaming nights, first-rate casinos and sheer gambling entertainment. The casinos feature a fitting mix of music played by DJs, gaming tables with soaring limits, and fantastic restaurants. Some of these one-stop fully-packed with entertainment casinos include the Edgewater Casino. It is easily approachable with the help of the free shuttle. Edgewater Casino offers an assortment of slot machines, gaming tables and poker tournaments and challenges.


The River Rock Casino is a top-quality, multiple-star luxurious casino-resort with a multitude of gaming activities, exquisite cuisine, and tasteful music. The River Rock Casino is also equipped with hotel suites, perfect for a weekend getaway. Other features of the casino include the Jacuzzi pool, spa, fitness center, and horse racing.



Hastings Racecourse


Vancouver offers the elite sport of horse racing. The excitement and the buzz attached to the adventurous sport is undeniable. Hastings Racecourse is a famous site of traditional horseracing, viewed and visited by enamored Vancouverites. Aside from watching horseracing, visitors can also indulge in a game of betting and trying their luck on slot machines.



Social Etiquette and Culture of Vancouver


Vancouver, often known as a port city, is accredited to being more open and welcoming to new activities and practices. A variety of multi-cultural and individuals of mixed ethnicities live in Vancouver which leads to a broad spectrum of acceptable etiquette and social norms in the city. The mix of influences includes American, European and Asian so the overall blend of cultures is exciting and exceedingly inimitable.


Vancouver, however, is in the English-speaking half of Canada, as opposed to Montreal, the hub of European culture.



Socializing with Vancouverites


While meeting and socializing, Vancouverites are found to be more reserved and polite, as compared to their American counterparts. It is advised to meet the people of Vancouver with a firm hand shake, direct eye contact, and a polite smile.


First name basis is reserved for old friends and family members. Canadians are known for being formal as compared to the Americans, therefore, foreigners must not exercise unwanted amount of familiarity with the Canadians. This might make them uncomfortable, especially if it is too much, too soon.



Meeting the Gorgeous Vancouverite Women


When meeting the beautiful women of Vancouver, it is the custom to shake hands if she extends her hand first. Other traditions include rising when women enter the room, holding the door open for them, helping them into their coats and pulling out chairs for them etcetera. The French-side of Canada is more open for meeting women; kissing the cheek is a norm. However, Vancouver projects a certain level of reservation when it comes to public displays of affection.



The Stunning Women of Vancouver


It is often commonly said that the women of Vancouver are extremely hard to get and they give the men a serious run for their money to gain their attention. To some extent this is true, the beautiful confident women of Vancouver are not easy to get. It is difficult to impress women who are not only beautiful but are also acutely aware of men’s untiring efforts to woo them, some of these efforts are often burnt out and overused so that the women get put off in an instant. It is better and more realistic to describe the women of Vancouver as selective. They are definitely a challenge and most desired by men owing to their stunning coloring; light eyes, luminescent skins and defining bone structures. The Vancouver women are ranked the sixth most beautiful women in the world and rightly so, the majority of the women are stunning and drop-dead gorgeous. Just walking the streets, you are most likely to bump into beautiful women who will somehow just look effortlessly gorgeous on a daily basis.


The beauties of Vancouver will never attempt to say hi or socialize on their own; they will always wait for the men to come and make the first move.



Meeting points in Vancouver


Some of the most approachable and convenient meeting points include the buses. The ‘girl on the bus’ is the most common, yet the most exciting venture. Buses work as the most archetypal ways to meet new people; to interact with them you can strike up a conversation with a pretty face on the bus.


The sprawling beaches of Vancouver serve as excellent meeting points; you are most likely to stumble across a beautiful woman, running, jogging or just relaxing on the beach. Quite similarly, the several parks and coffee shops in Vancouver serve the same purpose. It is not hard to run into potential single women of the area.