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Do not miss to watch beautiful, charming and attractive Marseille woman dancing on traditional flocks. They are a complete pleasure to eyes – you can even enjoy the moments while dancing with her. Later on, you can even ask for to be your companion for the trip, she would never say no because they enjoy being with tourists and help them knowing about their local culture.

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Second heart of France:


Marseille or Massalia, whatever you have heard the name as; the city is another heart of France after the majestic Paris. A place loved by people even more than New York. If you talk about a few top most adored cities in France, indeed, this name would strike your ear frequently. Marseille is one of the most contemporary cities while the urban population is estimated to be 14, 20,000. The city is also known for its huge, diversified population – in addition to this, there has been a very old association of boats and ports with this city. Not only this, you would find the biggest France commercial Port here and also, the third massive metropolitan area of the country. Located in the southeastern coast, the city has 16 municipal arrondissements – which make 303 councils in Marseille.


The cosmopolitan is not only the magazine, but this city can define well what the idea behind cosmopolitanism is. The twisted amalgamation of contemporary appeal and antique, you would find each nook and corner of the city absolutely wonderful. Also, if you talk in terms of style and fashion, you would see the Marseille women carrying both the blend of modernity and traditional turn. It is said that the people of the city are truly amazing to be with – they are friendly, caring, emotional and moreover, beautiful. So, one can truly have nice time with Marseille girls there because they are too good to be with.


Glimpse on the Culture:


The presence of the port in Marseille is like a shining star for the city – the city is a cultural hub with lots of contrasting and complementing hues and vivid appeals. History tells us that the first traders on the land were Ancient Greeks and they took their route via this port only. One of the interesting facts must be known to all – all of you must know – what is France famous for worldwide? It’s to-die for French wines; it is said that the Greeks were initiator of this industry here and luckily, Marseille was the first place where this industry was set-up.


How to explore this heaven on Earth?


Well, this is one such attraction on earth that must not be missed anyway – life would remain incomplete if one has not explored this beautiful region yet. It is ideal to explore their city on foot – It literally means that you must take a group of friends and hire some good looking, local Marseille girl to accompany you with the trip.


Interestingly, there are many agencies or local clubs which can help you in finding and meeting girls in Marseille. You can take them out as your date or maybe just friends who can help in gathering some precious lifetime memories.


What is the best time to visit Marseille?


Well, there is no as such obligation or guide which can tell you when to pay a visit to this beautiful piece of land, but ideally this excerpt can guide you on the basis of temperature you would want to enjoy;


During the summers between May to august the temperature is about 27c to 30c; however, many times the summer get hotter than usual during the last weeks of July. You would never find this place too hot like a microwave oven, its normal kind of summer that you can easily enjoy. Other than this, if you are a winter lover, you must pack your bags and hit the place during late November until January. `The winter season is really cold yet enjoyable. It has been a fact that the cold chilly breezes from the Durance River and Rhone valley make the country a thunder chiller during peak times in December.


Based on your preferences, you can easily choose between the months you want to visit. However, most of the people visit the city for breaks or holidays during late August and September because of the moderate temperature. You can simply enjoy this time here with your Marseille date – just kidding, it is very practical and ethical to hang around with a local girl with good intentions. Bachelors enjoy meeting girls in Marseille for fun and relationships because truly, this region has mind-blowing beauties.


How to reach Marseille:


Wherever you are, you can simply travel via air at very feasible rates. There are many trip organizing companies which have healthy and economical Marseille travel packages – or, if you are somewhere in the country, you can easily take trains and cover this distance. Do not forget to look at the travel guide and some necessary reservations before leaving your place because you need to have a safe and fun-filled trip.


List of things you must do:


Now, what would be the things to do there? There is a lot that you would have heard by now, but go step by step so that you can enjoy each bit of the trip;


French all time adoring dances:


Do not miss to watch beautiful, charming and attractive Marseille woman dancing on traditional flocks. They are a complete pleasure to eyes – you can even enjoy the moments while dancing with her. Later on, you can even ask for to be your companion for the trip, she would never say no because they enjoy being with tourists and help them knowing about their local culture.




You should take out time to enjoy in this place because the nightlife of Marseille is known worldwide. Experience yourself what is so special about this place – here are the most popular nightclubs that can provide you with lifetime memories:


Le Paradiso:


If you have some money and adventure intentions, you must spend one complete night in “Le Paradiso” – it is one of the elite’s luxurious nightclubs where youth, tourists and locals enjoy dancing until dawn. The ambiance, DJ, beautiful stripers and many other alluring features make this place something to die for. Take a sensual looking Marseille date with you; you would easily be blended in the crazy crowd.


Le Cubana Café:


If you want to experience the hottest Caribbean culture you must jump into the Le Cubana Café- you would not get better cocktails, and food at any other place than this. In order to allure you more, there are charming salsa dancers to make your time worth it – you can certainly enjoy the moment and if you have the ability to impress girls, she can surely be first in your Marseille girls dating list.




Indeed, it will not make sense that you visit a beautiful place and come back without bags of shoppers –you would go crazy by checking out the local stuff there. Some of the spots that you must visit include:


Center Bourse:


Located near the old port is the biggest shopping hub with around 60 departmental and other stores. You can find an ample number of bars, agencies and restaurants where you can enjoy food, drinks and shop until you drop. Not only this, but you can pay a visit to the Garden of Ruins and the History Museum.


The Grand Littoral retail park:


Located in 15 districts, it is one of the biggest shopping hubs situated in the European region. You will not only find the world’s famous branded stores but also the majestic creations of the commoners. They are something that you must buy as an heirloom or continual of the legacy. This hub also features bars, restaurants, stores department stores, furniture and home decor spots and big parking lots.


Chateau d'If-


It is one of the oldest attractions of the city and dates back to 1542 – this beautiful island fortress was looked after by Francois I, who served as guard. It was then used for gathering supplies from the port and later on transform to a prison.


The Palais du Pharo:


Built by Napoleon III, the Palais du Pharo is truly one of the all-time hottest attractions, which any tourist would not ever miss. The only timeless staple of this attraction is the statue of Virgin Mary – its 36 feet high of a bell tower. The theme of the church is in the combination of beautiful colored murals and marbles. The interior of this place is worth seeing – you could find flourishing gardens, beautiful sceneries and alluring interior where you can spend quality time. Moreover, this place is used to carry out traditional and other sorts of events, which are adored by both commoners, and tourists like. Do not miss a chance to visit once such event if it happens when you are around.


Where to meet women in Marseille:


 In order to make such a journey more valuable and enjoyable, you must hook around with charming and beautiful Marseille woman who can accompany you throughout the trip. Before leaving for the fun filled adventure you can check out various online forums where you can find Marseille dating singles easily – they are ready to enjoy with you for some valuable time and money. So, experience yourself what beauty feels like because the charm of these beautiful faces would be certainly beyond imagination. Also plan a trip to Miami and Cape Town to make the most out of your travel experience.