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"Maui no ka oi" is what locals say—it's the best, the most, the top of the heap. To those who know Maui well, there are good reasons for the superlatives. The island's miles of perfect beaches, lush green valleys, historic villages, top-notch windsurfing and diving, stellar restaurants and resorts, and variety of cultural activities have made it an international favorite.

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Maui – explore the heaven on earth


The world’s most mesmerizing places are Hawaii islands certainly, but as it is a chain of world’s most beautiful islands, you would go crazy but not able to spot out which one to visit first. If you have ever traveled to Vietnam, you are definitely going to love this place. However, the tourist experience says that you must pay a visit to Maui, which is the most beautiful and second largest Hawaiian island. It has around 150 mile coastline and total width area of 48 miles.  The island has three big airports, which cater different fights from worldwide because of the increasing tourism and the growing business economy. All the air packages are quite reasonable and allow the visitors to choose between very economical and diversified traveling plans.


Maui Condo:


You must have heard about this place lot of time, especially in rental and other business property magazines. However, this place is not that formal as it seems, it is worth paying a visit. The Maui condominium is located in the western side, Kihei – the glamorous Wailea is situated in its north and the way from the Kahului airport is about 20 minutes only.


The uniqueness of the condominium lies it is sight – you can see a beautiful pool area, ocean and a deep, rushing beach. Sadly, there is no garden view but yes, you can be a big parking lot, which may not be very appealing. You would definitely want to experience this beauty while on holidays in this wonderful region. If you have family with you, they would certainly enjoy shopping as much shopping hubs are just at the walking distance. In addition to this, you can get fresh food, drinks and everything in this condominium. You would be exposed to the ample amount of choices, so relax and enjoy each bit of what you see and get.


So, what do you need for the trip in Maui?


If you want to carry on with the mesmerizing island tour without any hassles, get yourself a nice rental car. This is not necessary because many prefer travelling on foot and taking local transport means too. However, you can be friends with some beautiful Maui girl who can be your companion for the trip. It is a wonderful idea and you can simply execute it by showing a good behavior and intention. Here is a tip – while sitting in bars, food restaurants or cafes make sure you engage in chitchat sessions with the commoners, especially Maui woman so that you can have a friendly relationship with her.


Best Weather to Visit:


Irrespective of the weather or time of the year, you can easily plan your vacations to Maui – the weather round the year is pretty moderate, not too hot and neither cold, so you can enjoy your wonderful stay at its best.


The dream spots:


Like others, visiting Maui would be one of your dreams; finally, it is time to realize the dream and work towards making it a reality. It is the magical spot with some of the most alluring and enticing attractions. Not only the beaches are something to die for but also there are the best golf courses, best tasting food and golf courses. In addition, it is said that the sunset of Maui is like no other, so do not miss such a lovely view because it is breathtaking. All this can get more charming if you have a Maui woman dating fantasy – this can add some colors to your life and trip.


1: Haleakala:


It is the crusade spot – with the burning volcano is the highlighting feature of this spot as it is somewhat naturally located in the center. The volcano tip is the highest point of the region, and truly, no one can ever reach that place. This place also offers a lot of room for adventurous activities like hiking and 3000 ft deep horseback down – you can also increase your knowledge and experience by visiting Haleakala National Park Visitor Center. It is always beneficial to visit cultural and informative places so that with fun filled memories you can remember something worth it. Have you heard about ancient lava flows? You would get a chance to explore this wonder on land as well – also, explore the valley of silvers-words, the beautiful small flowers which are native to this land. If you believe in spirituality and eternal peace, you must go early morning to see the beautiful golden sunrise and evening sunset – take a gorgeous Maui girl with you to enjoy these beautiful moments because it is better to have someone with you while enjoying nature from so close.


2. Road to Hana


While on your trip to Maui, the only eye catching, or the view, which would leave its imprints forever, would be ‘Road to Hana’ – it’s a beautiful road, which exposes to cold breezes that provide peace of mind. It is located near the southern Kahului and is spread over the area of 56 small bridges. This enroute is stunning; mind blowing, and certainly a lot more than the words. You would see lush green plantation on the roads while ocean shaking hands with it at each turn. How can you miss to see the waterfalls, which are more of the picnic spots for both, the visitors and the commoners? There are lot many panoramic views that be put into words, you would get to know all this once you would be there – you would be shocked to see such beauty on earth.


3. Lahaina:


Located on the west coast of the Maui, this town is a symbol of old times. In past years, this town was considered the heart of the Hawaiian island chain. Indeed, this town has the most colorful attractions – there are largest souvenir shops, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, restaurants and high-end fashion stores. You can cherish your trip’s best moments here; not only is this, but places like Whaling Museum, Jodo Mission and Brig Carthaginian, even worth seeing. How can you say goodbye to Lahaina without saying ‘hi’ to the Banyan tree, its jaw dropping, indeed. Think how majestic it would be as it spread over the area of 150 miles and has around 12 giant trunks.


You know what; you must have someone to chit chat with you so that you can express how delighted you are. If you do not have a girlfriend or a good companion, Maui would provide you with its dashing guiders. You can hire Maui girls for sticking around with you while on trips. If not this, you can simply make the most of Maui woman dating facility. Go online, make friends, and bring your date for the trip with you. It is said that meeting girls in Maui are nothing less than bliss because they are wonder on earth.


4. Ka'anapali:


If you are looking forward to the most attractive beach resort in Maui, you must pay a visit to Ka'anapali. It is a white sand beach and resort, which offers more than just service – you get one hell of an amazing experience that you would not have ever thought about. You want to go for snorkeling. You are on! Similarly, the swimming pools are one of the best in the world. The sunset and sunrise, which is being focused upon so much, can be experienced in this small heaven.


5. Iao Needle


Want to go into a place, which has lush green beautiful valleys all over? It would seem to you more of a Photoshop scenery because of its overall beauty. Explore this entire region of the foot and feel what the actual meaning of beauty is. You would also find world’s most diversified flora here – with picturesque views of the western mountains and greenery, you can get yourself pictures in some place that depicts heaven on earth.


6. Paia


This town is full of life and colors – and yes, natural beauty which is almost everywhere when you turn around. With some of the high-end fashion stores hidden in the mountainous valley and Hana road, you can go crazy here and shop until you drop. Just outside the town, there is a big, majestic and amazing beach, which is an eye candy for the visitors. Yes, you can enjoy windsurfing and even enjoy the live water-sports events,


7. Makena Beach


Located on the southwest coast, there is a beautiful beach, which is not much visited by anyone. It’s peaceful, beautiful and just perfect place to attain spirituality. If you are on a city break and want to enjoy some personal time, this place is rightly made for you. Not bad, it can be a perfect dating place for you and your Maui women – have a nice, romantic time!


8. Molokini


If you want to go for snorkeling than you have come to the right region; think of a half moon crater just 150 ft above the ocean level, think yourself enjoying snorkeling and enjoying the experience. It is for enticing those who are into adventure sports and activities. Do not worry, it will not cost you much because Maui loves the visitors and makes sure they get what has driven them there. Also consider visiting Venezuela and Evpatoria for a very similar travel and dating experience.