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You tour to Boracay will be virtually incomplete if you do not date any Boracay girl during your stay. In fact, the local girls are easily up for taking as they take special interest in foreigners especially western men. In this regard, the best places to fine Boracay women are the night clubs and bars as well as beaches where you are most likely to find some beautiful girls that are more than willing to hook up.

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Visit The Spectacular Island Of Boracay During Your Next Vacations


Boracay is perhaps one of the most beautiful and popular islands in entire Philippines. This place can give you even more than Borneo, Indonesia. Located at a distance of approximately 350 kilometers from the capital city of Manila, the place is frequently visited by both local as well as foreign tourists because of its pristine beaches and mesmerizing natural beauty. As a fact of matter, every person looking for travelling to a fascinating holiday spot during his vacations should put Boracay on the top of probable locations. Visiting to Philippines is a delightful experience in itself and exploring the beautiful little island of Boracay is just like icing on the cake.


Top Reasons to Visit Boracay


The island is also popular among the tourists from around the globe because of the exciting and refreshing activities such as cliff diving, kite boarding, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and of course the enthralling night life they can enjoy here. Similarly, the island also offers various beach relaxations where you can enjoy yourself and can also come across some local Boracay girls as well. Tourists usually throng this part of Philippines from start of November to end of the May whereas months from June to October are usually less busy. Furthermore, Boracay also has “peak periods” that are Chinese New Year, Holy Weak, Christmas and New Year.


The tourists can reach Boracay from Manila by air that would not take them more than 24 minutes. On the other hand, if you want to travel by bus, the journey can take as long as 15 hours depending upon the route you take. However, this long travel is also worthwhile as it will provide you a unique opportunity to explore some exquisite and unexploited place of Philippines as well.  When you reach Boracay, you can certainly have your cake and eat it because you can enjoy at this lovely beach destination for about one third of a price as compared to a similar western holiday spot.


The Main Attractions of Boracay


The Island of Boracay has many interesting places and things to offer to the tourists from around the world. As mentioned above, the area is particularly famous for its pristine beaches but travellers can also enjoy the sprawling under sea life. Apart from beaches, Boracay is also rich in natural wonder such as Bat Cave and mysterious dead forests. On the other hand, just like any other high quality holiday spot, Boracay also offers facilities like sensational five star hotels, spas, delicious local cuisines that surpass their European counter parts in taste and quality and most importantly, hospitable and friendly locals with a distinct yet interesting lifestyle you will not find in any other part of the world. In simple words, Boracay is full of exciting attractions for tourists and some of them are mentioned below.


The White Beach


Boracay is an island and therefore, it is quite understandable that the most famous and sort out attraction of this place is a beach. The mesmerizing “White Beach” is the flag bearer of this beautiful place that runs gorgeously for at least 4 kilometers imparting in you unbelievable and thrilling feelings that you have never experienced before. The White Beach is located on the west coast of Island and it is is also the commercial hub of Boracay with more than 300 hotels and resorts.


Puka Beach


Another scintillating part of Boracay that is quickly becoming popular among the tourist is the Puka Beach. This white powdery beach is as beautiful as the White Beach but the sand also additionally contains Puka shells and that is exactly why it is known as Puka Beach. Unlike other beaches of the island, Puka Beach is a typical tropical beach most of the tourists hope to see in South East Asian Countries. It is extremely beautiful and tranquil place and the only sounds you will hear will be that of ocean waves or birds flying in the air. Furthermore, the amazing sunset and the quaint environment make this visit worthwhile.


Bat Cave


Bat Cave is one of the most unique natural wonder you will ever come arcos and indeed the most popular tourist spot in Boracay after the abovementioned beaches. This huge and spooky cave is located in the western part of the Island and is home to the rare and somewhat grotesque looking giant fruit bats and small cave bats that petrol the area after sunset. The tourists need to go for a hike through the dense forests that is a delightful experience in itself to make it to the opening of the cave. Similarly, the cave is also extremely popular among adventure seekers, photographers and of course naturalists.


Mount Luho


Mount Luho is another very famous tourist attraction of Island of Boracay. The peak of this enchanting mountain is the highest point of the island that rises to the altitude of 100 meters from the sea level. This is a small mountain and tourist can reach the summit quite easily even on foot. There is a watching deck on the top that offers a breathtaking and bird’s eye view of the beautiful east coast of Boracay.


Crocodile Island


If you want to explore unspoiled and abundant marine life, then the Crocodile Island is a nature’s gift for you. It is a fascinating real life experience and the entire area is just bursting with underwater life and activities. Tourists can enjoy a special snorkeling experience that also provides them a rare chance to watch a wide selection of fish and breathtaking collection of corals at the same place.


Where to Meet Woman in Boracay


You tour to Boracay will be virtually incomplete if you do not date any Boracay girl during your stay. In fact, the local girls are easily up for taking as they take special interest in foreigners especially western men. In this regard, the best places to fine Boracay women are the night clubs and bars as well as beaches where you are most likely to find some beautiful girls that are more than willing to hook up.


Some Points to Consider


There are some points to consider before maximizing the “pleasures” of exquisite and extensive range of night clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs that remain open till early hours and are definitely the best place of meeting girls in Boracay. Unlike common perception, the best time to find some real hot girls is definitely summers when there are not many tourists in these night clubs and the competition is fairly low. However, you will have to sacrifice the hustle and bustle of busy winter months that are the busiest season in Boracay as far as the number of tourists coming to this place is concerned.


There is another important point to note here that it is really difficult to find a girl that is really looking for some fun and not doing it for money. Remember that Philippines are a poor country and some people are desperately needy and willing to do anything to earn some money. Therefore, prostitutes of all ages throng areas like Boracay and it is an art to avoid that trap. Hence, the experience of meeting woman in Boracay can also turn out to be a horrible one.


However, island offers some of the sexiest beaches in the world that are second only to Rio perhaps and are arguably the best Boracay women dating sites. They are great places to find some real virgins because nubile girls from all around the Philippines and neighboring countries flock these beaches throughout the year. These girls also happen to find some attractive foreign males to have a good time as you are looking for “genuine” girls. All in all, meeting girls in Boracay is not a difficult task to accomplish at all as there are many famous Boracay girls dating places where you can come across some really spicy and lustful girls waiting for someone to come and get them.


Be Nice with Boracay Girls


Impressing local Boracay girls is more difficult than finding them. You have to behave in a refined manner to tell them that you are not like any other street boys found in abundance in Boracay looking to hunt beautiful girls. A Boracay girl finds it enticing and tempting to interact with foreign men and therefore, you need to express your western charm and style to convince her to go for a date with you. Give her importance by asking her to be your guide and take her to some nice restaurant or ice cream parlor. You have to treat the Boracay girls like a jewel if you want to spend some good time with them and enjoy your trip in best possible manner.


Yes, it’s a Must Visit Place in Asia


Concluding, it can be said that Boracay is an exciting little Island with endless opportunities to enjoy and find some beautiful girls to date with. The island is rich in natural beauty and also boosts great night life with sensational night clubs and bars that are abundance with local and foreign women. Finally, above mentioned places and tips will definitely help you to explore the Boracay after you befriend a nice and helpful local girl in best manner possible. Also consider visiting Hyderabad, India and Sri Lanka for a great travel experience.