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If you are looking at finding nice Paris girls, the big red barge on the Seine is just the place. This is where all the smart Paris girls dating or waiting for a handsome tourist to come along. Watch the DJs play the best music and there are live acts from other parts of the world. New Morning is yet another club in Paris that offers world music and where the young crowd spend their evenings.

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Paris: The City Of Romance




“Paris changes faster, alas, than a mortal’s heart,” said Baudelaire. Romantic, convivial, vain and petty – Parisians themselves love describing this beautiful French capital, masterpieces of art, astounding architecture and the belle of haute couture.  Meandering along charming streets and perusing Paris’s hot destinations, it is easy to get used to the joie de vivre of Paris.




Paris is undoubtedly, the most visited tourist destinations in the world. In this City of Light and Romance, fashion is a big thing. You will find creativity and style everywhere, and not just in the high couture shops. The 21st century French girl has attitude and is an epitome of independence and confidence.




Paris has an enormous concentration of tourist attractions; world-famous museums, historic monuments, palaces, cathedrals, chapels and a vibrant nightlife beckon the tourist. Most people are familiar with the iconic symbols – the Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.  But it is the little artistic moments that give this city in France its uniqueness.




Explore Paris




If this is the first time you are visiting Paris, connect yourself with the city’s artistic luminosity even before your journey begins, in the paintings of the greats: Picasso, Cezanne, Monet, van


Gogh and Chagali. 




The Picasso Museum dedicated to the famous painter Pablo Picasso is located in the heart of the Marias District in Paris, but it is closed until the end of Spring of 2014 for renovation. However, you will be able to see Picasso paintings at Antibes Picasso Museum or at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.




The Centre Pompidou is the shrine to contemporary art. For a free view, take the escalators up, the expensive cafes in the square below are great for people-watching. 




The famous Louvre Art Gallery hosts the world’s greatest art collections, including world-famous collections of ancient Egypt, Etruscans, Greeks and Mesopotamia; along with jewels and tapestries.  To avoid long lines, buy tickets in advance at the FNAC.




A fascinating museum in the Marias that is dedicated to the city of Paris itself, is the Musee Carnavalet.  Musee National du Moyen Age is the most well-preserved Roman ruins in Paris.  The rooms are filled with beauty: a solid gold rose, stained glass chess players, Visigothic crowns with jewels, along with the famous “Lady of the Unicorn” tapestries. Musee d’Orsay keeps several of the originals of the most influential images from the 19th century  under one roof.  Masterpieces by Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, Rodin, Delacroix, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec are a visitor’s delight.  Musee du Quai Branly offers Louvre of non-Western art, and is filled with indigenous artifacts that stun the visitors. Keep a watch out for the amazingly detailed Siberian skirt created from fish skins. Look up at the ceilings and you will find the best of Aboriginal art there.  The café here offers the best Eiffel Tower views.




For the child in you or for your children, if you are visiting with your family, go back 2,000 years in time and travel underground in the Catacombs Musee Carnavalet.




Try and visit the Eiffel Tower at night to avoid the crowds. You can also see 20,000 flashing lights that are only switched on for the first ten minutes of every hour at nights.




Notre Dame is a Gothic cathedral that took 87 years to complete. The sculpted doors, the 13th century rose window, and the flying buttresses are a beauty. If you plan a visit on a Sunday, you will find the grand organ playing.




Sainte-Chapelle, which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the world, is mesmerizing with the soaring stained glass created by the 13th century artisans.  Here, you will find the most inspiring Gothic.




The twin banks of the Seine offer you a chance to relax: dancing and snacking.  A cruise on the river gives you a feel of what it means to be a Parisian.  Get on a bateau-mouche, an open-top or a glass-enclosed boat that takes you on the Seine and gives you a beautiful overview of the city.  Many tourists prefer doing this at the beginning of their trip, just to get to know the city better.




Food & Drink




But don’t gorge on sightseeing alone, save some for the food. Paris with its beautiful architecture and old-fashioned romance, is also home to some really heady cuisine.  Linger over hot chocolate in small cafes and enjoy the French bread with jam.




While at it, the frog legs and snails are a must-eat, so is the near-raw steak. The smell of freshly cooked baguettes is inviting. If you are a wine connoisseur, you will be hit by an avalanche of high-class wines.




One French ritual you cannot miss while in Paris is the French goûter (snacking) at around 4:30 in the evening. A fruit tart or Nutella on a baguette should see you through the ritual with aplomb.




There’s one thing that you may find a dampener initially, and that is the famous not-so-helpful attitude of the waiters and hotel staff.  This is something that may pinch you in the beginning, but you will take it in your stride soon. Another memory of Paris that will not leave you soon is of the guy in a striped shirt wearing a garlic garland.




Dance, Theater & Music




In Paris, these arts take precedence and need a special mention.  How can you not catch an Opera while in France?




Opera National de Paris is THE most prestigious opera company in France. It performs at two places: Palais Garnier and the Opera Bastille.  While here, you may be able to catch a dance performance by Balle de l'Opéra National de Paris.




Cité de la Musique is one of the best music museums in the world where you can experience the culture of Paris. It hosts contemporary music as well as world music, classical, jazz and baroque concerts.




Nightlife & Paris Women




The city has several dimensions to it and the wine-heavy Parisian nightlife is best enjoyed drifting around the Marals. The heady new rap scene might enchant you.




Cabarets have now become a part of Paris’s DNA. You might want to catch a cabaret at the Bal du Moulin Rouge. Plenty of beautiful dancing Parisian girls and comedians lure you with their performances, while you sip in the half bottle of champagne that comes with your ticket of $120. 




When you are a single visiting Paris, how can you not want to flirt with a sexy French girl. It is after all the city of romance.




If you are looking at finding nice Paris girls, the big red barge on the Seine is just the place. This is where all the smart Paris girls dating or waiting for a handsome tourist to come along. Watch the DJs play the best music and there are live acts from other parts of the world.  New Morning is yet another club in Paris that offers world music and where the young crowd spend their evenings.




If beauty and brains is your thing, then Le Basile is the place to be at lunchtime. It is not frequented just by the Parisian intellectuals, but also the beautiful students from the grande ecole university nearby to clink beers and scoff croquet monsieurs.




La Fidelite is a trendy French brasserie where diners roam the aisles during the evenings and as the night sets in, they take the staircase to the underground cave which is a nightclub where anything goes. Perfect for some erotic fun.




For the younger tourists, Grazie, a pizza place that offers extensive cocktails is good. The sexy dark interior, loud music, heavily tattooed barkeeps and the cocktails make this a hot place for Parisian singles.




If you are looking at meeting women in Paris or for a Parisian woman dating opportunity, we suggest you approach your seduction game more subtly and combine it with bettering your culinary skills. For a “cook dating” encounter at L’Atelier de Fred in Le Marais, six singles are grouped together for a gastronomic adventure that has the potential to turn amorous if you are lucky. Usually these groups are in their 30s. What do you think of this?




It street fun is what you are after, there is plenty of action awaiting you. You will be stunned by the sight of the ladies of the night walking the streets of Paris like normal citizens.




That’s Paris for you: a city filled with beautiful artistic and erotic adventures. Paris Plages is a great time to visit during mid-July to mid- August. Paris transforms into a beach town, with music and parties along the embankments.


While there, if you want to visit some neighboring places, Luxembourg City is geographically ideal, and it only takes about 2 hours.  Trier, Germany is almost next door to Luxembourg and you would love the place if you are interested in Roman antiquities.