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There is no as such time boundaries about when you should visit this beautiful land; however, if you want to cherish a few moments by enjoying fun filled and vibrant events and festivals, you must head towards the city in early summers. Most of the festivals have been celebrated during the summers like;

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Amsterdam – city with artistic expressions


Amsterdam is not only eye catching and exotic because it is the capital city in the Netherlands, but truly, the city has a lot that must be admired. You can compare the attractions and Netherlands women with Red Bull Crashed ice, Switzerland. If you prepare a list of cities that you would want to see before you die, certainly the name of Amsterdam would be in the list of top 10. Talking in general terms, Amsterdam is a hot municipality within a restricted city space – however, it is said that it is the only city, which has countless sights; and one gets to see a complete different sight after every square kilometer.


What makes the city so popular?


Every year masses from the world head towards the city for tourism viewpoint – indeed, there must be something appealing about the place, otherwise, no one would have ever spent money on travelling here. What do you think what are the hot spots here? You must have heard that the city is famous for its majestic canals, right. What about the famous Amsterdam cheese, does that make it shine star? Alternatively, maybe the rich cultural heritage and the ancient museums have the power to allure people – perhaps, the stylish and unique settled fabulous shops, outdoor terraces and stores are the reason? What about the sightseeing - the lush green vegetation, exotic sceneries, parks and many things that are eye candies for eyes? Lastly, it may be the atmosphere of the city, or the mindset of the people, which promote free living, happiness, peace and relaxation?


It is not wrong to say that all these factors beautifully combine to give visitors a reason to be in Amsterdam. It is one of the world’s most desirable destinations, which must be seen once in life, at least. You should explore this small yet gorgeous heaven on earth just like common people. It is ideally said that take walk through the big streets, pathways and feel what nature and beauty feels like. It is fun and more than that lifetime memory, that provides peace and comfort. This beautiful country must be explored with a good companion; don’t worry, if you didn’t have any, you can easily be friends with any good looking Amsterdam woman. They feel pride in being friends with tourists and accompanying them on the trip.


It is a pulsing metropolis


The city is not only gifted with all natural charms, but there is a lot that has been added by humans. The flourishing urban culture is one such example – it is also known as growing metropolis. As mentioned before, you would see some of the gorgeous and mesmerizing scenarios while walking through the roads of the city, and after some time, you would be astonished by something more pleasant than before. In addition to this, you have various modes of transportation to swap between – for example, you can use local train, metro bus and even rental cars to discover the nearest districts. How can you forget to pay a visit to the mighty IJ River – take out sometime early morning or at night and get yourself ferry so that you can enjoy the most peace filled river journey. In addition, yes, you simply take your Amsterdam girl with you on such a romance-filled journey. It is ideally the best spot where Amsterdam girl dating experience can be enhanced, and no wonder, maybe you get someone who is an ideal companion for a lifetime.


Sights to die-for


There must be lots of sights that are worth seeing in the city; but maybe due to time restriction or other issues you cannot explore all of them. Therefore, you must know which places are at the top of the list. So, the gems that your eyes must explore include;


1: Rijksmuseum


The name says it all; it’s one of the world’s most beautiful and pleasure filled museum and contains more than 5000 art creations. The best part about this collection is that it contains a pure form of arts from 15 to 19 centuries. Indeed, you will be petrified by the Rembrandt’s incredible and majestic Night Watch painting. Furthermore, there is a nice café and gift shop which facilities you to have a nice chitchat session with your companion. These places are ideal to get someone who is looking forward to a dating relationship. So, keep your eyes open and do not miss the chance to date Amsterdam girl.


Other famous museums include; Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and the Hermitage Amsterdam. In addition, you must be some of the districts, which are considered to be a heritage for the city.


Other than these, you must visit the liveliest and happening Albert Cuyp Market and Pijp, which features terrace cafes. Also, if you want to see how science, nature and history goes friends, you must check out the Plantage district, the up-scale museum mecca and Eastern Docklands boasting modern architecture and design.


Lastly, you must go through all the famous canals while enjoying a boat ride. Also, explore the attractions of the city either on foot or on a bike so that you feel associated with the place. Do not forget to enjoy a few small breaks in between your travelling duration, you might end up seeing something good or meeting women in Amsterdam. Even if you do all this, there would be still a lot undiscovered and unexplored…


What about picnic spots and markets?


Do you know how does a local live a life in Amsterdam? Try to do something that a commoner does, you would just feel out of this world. If it is about early morning shopping or you just want to enjoy sitting in some café, hit ‘nine streets area’ – this place is so popular that you would easily get here in a few minutes. It is located in the canal district region and offers a good number of local and international shops. You can even visit Noordermarkt square for good time pass. Perhaps, you like to jog early morning or seeking satisfaction in big green parks; if that is your wish, you must visit Vondelpark and feed your desire. You would see many running, jogging, yoga classes and even playing a few sports – it is a wonderful place for seeking peace and relaxation. An alternate option is the Westerpark as it is more funky, fun filled and hip-hop kind of.


Home of world’s beautiful canals


One of the things that Amsterdam has always been popular for are its all-time canals – they reflect the rich culture. In addition, the majestic bridges, big boats and facades in the water make it a wonderful view of all.


The city’s nightlife


It is a busy, lively and happening city – you see people from diverse cultures and this brings lot of variation in the city. It is one of the vibrant cities with most pulsating nightlife. You can enjoy your favorite meals in the restaurants, drink in the bars and enjoy dancing your heart out in with the locals in some of the best nightclubs.


Your most inquired question, where to meet girls in Amsterdam is now answered at its best. You would not find any other better option to look for an Amsterdam girl dating point other than such places. Every bar, club has something unique but common things like absolute ambiance, crazy music and atmosphere remains constant. Some of the popular nightclubs include Studio 8, Sugar factory, Superclub and Pacific Parc.


City Festivals:

There is no as such time boundaries about when you should visit this beautiful land; however, if you want to cherish a few moments by enjoying fun filled and vibrant events and festivals, you must head towards the city in early summers. Most of the festivals have been celebrated during the summers like;


·         Orange-colored street party – it refers to the Queen's Day


·         International Holland Festival


·         The waterway and canal house events – it includes classical dances and other music concerts


·         Yearly Gay Pride Canal Parade


·         Dancing festivals


Other than these, one of the all times lovely festival is, Dutch Design manifestation, this is celebrated in September.


Dutch People


They are lovely, generous and welcoming. They would help you; guide you whenever you would be in need of assistance. Especially the women in Amsterdam are very liberal, open minded and more than that true beauty on earth. With their sharp features and colored eyes, they can truly take away your heart within seconds. It is always pleasure meeting girls in Amsterdam – for this reason; you can try making friends with online Amsterdam women dating forums so that you have a beautiful partner from the day one to the end of the trip.


Unlimited Fun
By now, you must be dying to visit this place because intriguing factors are countless. Food, shopping, leisure activities, fun filled festivals, mind blowing sights, nightlife and lot more is there to welcome the visitors. Especially the boys can enjoy here because they can even hookup with some sensational, lovely and beautiful Dutch women and carry on with the lovely relationship. Consider visiting Berlin and Greenland for a similar travel and dating experience.